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We help orphans and abandoned children from poor families to grow up in a healthy environment. We care for them, provide for their school expenses and educate them to become independent men and women. 

We help children at the Opens internal link in current windoworphanage Yedidja as well as children who continue to live in their family. 

The wall project


One of our most recent projects at the orphanage is one you can literally see the donations at work! Over the past several years, a protective wall has been constructed around the orphanage's expansive property. We are happy to report that currently the entire orphanage property is enclosed by a protective wall! The Lord provided in incredible ways through the construction of this wall and to date over $50,000 US dollars was donated specifically for this project. The purpose of this wall is to protect the perimeter of Arbre de Vie's 5+ acre property and to provide added safety for our kids, workers, visitors, animals and resources that are stored on our property. Currently there is need for the finish work to be completed on the wall but we are so thrilled that this added security has been made available for our children and our property. A remaining $30,000 US dollars is needed to complete the finish work on the wall. Please consider donating to this project today.

What is a Tree of Life?

The "Molinga Oleifera" is a tree that bears fruit all year round once it is big enough.

The bark, sap, roots, leaves, seeds, oil and flowers are used in traditional medicine in several countries. The leaves are highly nutritious. The tree is also commonly used in hedges and therefore provides protection for many people.

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Sponsor a child today!

Eric is one of Arbre de vie's sponsored children. He is an orphan living with his grandfather and his two older siblings. His grandfather who has an income of less than $40 per month, asked Arbre de vie to help him out so that he can continue to send his grandchildren to school. He now has a full sponsorship and benefits from financial help for his schooling, medical care and for some basics for his living. 

We still have more than 20 children on our list who urgently need help. If you are interested in sponsoring a child please click here for more information.

Eric, 8 years

Come as a volunteer to West Africa!

Come and help Tree of Life in Benin. Discover exceptional Beninese hospitality. Work in one of our projects. Interested? Click here to read more.