Give the deprived a future

Arbre de Vie Benin is a non-profit organization which aims to improve the quality of life of the most disadvantaged people in Benin in terms of their spiritual, educational, health and social needs. The organization was founded by a young Beninese medical student, Honoré G. Faton, in 1999.

The association strives to work alongside the government in its development plans, within the framework of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The NGO Arbre de Vie is a Beninese organisation, with its headquarters in Sakété (South Benin). Its main objectives fall within the areas of Public and Community Health; the Education sector; and Social Aid and Sanitation.

After setting up a partner organisation in Germany, we were able to start our project in 2003 by purchasing land in Sakété, a region in Southern Benin. In 2004, we opened an orphanage, which houses up to 25 children. Then, in 2005, our health clinic opened its doors. We organise regular awareness-raising campaigns to inform the local population about various health-related issues and other topics.

Our moto : Love God and your neighbour

Our objective : 

To help the Beninese population by improving living conditions

Our task : 

To assist the most needy in creating sources of revenue for them so that they can take care of themselves in terms of nutrition, health care and education.

We work in partnership with various associations and churches and we receive individual support from across Europe and the USA.

Our partners are, among others:

- Lebensbaum e.V. Germany,
- Arbre de vie - Suisse,
- Beavercreek Church of the Nazarene, Ohio, USA
- Christusgemeinde Herford
- Haus Gottes, Gießen
- Albert Bridge Congregational Church, Belfast, N. Ireland
- Immanuel Gemeinschaft, Hamburg, Germany

The Arbre de Vie association was set up by Dr. Honoré G. Faton. Having  come from a poor peasant family himself, he believes strongly in the need to engage himself in the battle against poverty.

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